VTSA Philosophy



The Vision Training Soccer Academy is a nonprofit corporation offering soccer development opportunities for players, ages 5 through 18.  The Vision Training Soccer Academy provides curriculum-based training for Skill Building, Problem Solving, and Vision that accelerates learning.  Additionally, the Play and Learn Leagues offer a place for our youth to learn and enjoy the game.  Through its efforts, VTSA established the foundation for a new era of soccer in the Eastern Pennsylvania/Western New Jersey region.  VTSA is committed to providing a positive learning environment and quality instruction for all of our players, both on and off the field.  Through Vision Training, a unique and comprehensive program of player development, VTSA helps enhance creativity and decision making skills.  VTSA empowers players to evolve in the sport of soccer and become successful in life. 


VTSA Tolerance Policy - There will be no tolerance for negative statements or actions between parents, players and coaches. Any verbal, written or physical conduct related to gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion, shall not be tolerated and could cause the violator to ejection or dismissal from the club.   

Parent Code of Conduct

The Vision Training Soccer Academy maintains the highest standard for parent, coach, and player behavior.